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Anonymous Donations: This is set to "No" by default. Leave this field alone if you wish to be acknowledged publicly for your donation (in our annual report or on our website, for example). Select "Yes" if you wish your donation to be kept private. You will still receive a donation receipt for your tax purposes even if your gift is made anonymously.

Honor/Memory Donations: Honor/Memory donations are gifts made in honor or memory of another person, family, or organization. Select "Honor" to make your gift in honor of a living friend or family member ("Paul McCartney in honor of Oprah Winfrey"), or you can select "Memory" to give in memory of a deceased loved one ("Paul McCartney in memory of John Lennon").

Acknowledgee: An Acknowledgee is the person who should receive notification that your donation was made in Honor/Memory. Typically for Honor donations, this will be the person who received a donation in their Honor. For Memory donations, this is typically the friend or family member of the deceased who should receive notification about this donation.

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